Human Capital Valuation

Maximizing Knowledge, Mitigating risk.


We’re in your corner.

We contribute to the due diligence process by helping you know your founders and founding teams better, giving you greater confidence in your investment. Put simply, we provide valuable insight about the people you are investing in—their personality, intelligence, skills, and abilities.



Is this founder a good fit with my style? Is this a trustworthy leader?


Accelerate your knowledge.

You have a lot on the line. We provide support with:

Red flag screening

  • Character

  • Trustworthiness

  • Ability to handle crises, transitions and change

  • Potential conflicts

Investor-Investee Fit

Leverage investor and investees’ strengths. Gain information that can help you decide…

  • Do our strengths and abilities compliment?

  • Would we work well together in challenging times?

  • Does our compatibility foster coach-ability and feedback?

Founder Growth and Development

The entrepreneurial lifestyle lends itself to high stress and compromised resilience. The rate of depression in start-up founders is 30%, compared to 7% in the general population. A founder’s health absolutely matters to a company’s success. Learn more about your founder’s…

  • Strengths, weaknesses, promise

  • How they react in times of pressure and stress

  • Decision-making skills

  • Circumstances they work best in

  • Emotional well-being

  • Identify where they could benefit from support


The relationship between investors and a start-up team can be the difference between a venture succeeding or failing.



Report cards are created using interviews and valid psychological measures.

Informative Report Card

The Informative Report Card (IRC) provides insight into:

  • Personality style

  • Intellectual tendencies

  • Self perception

Coming in 2020…

Predictive Report Card

A Predictive Report Card (PRC) is a comprehensive, multi-dimensional assessment. While not fully predictive, it highlights:

  • Personality style

  • Intellectual tendencies

  • Problem solving

  • Self Perception

  • Integrity, underlying motivations and capabilities

  • Leadership strengths and gaps

  • Stress management


We provide an objective evaluation using insight into personality style, integrity, and leadership characteristics.


Our Founder

Amanda Fargo, PsyD

Dr. Amanda Fargo is the founder and head consultant at HCValuation, a management consulting agency based in the Bay Area. Dr. Fargo has a doctorate in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology and has been a practicing clinician since 2007.

Dr. Fargo’s private practice includes work with executives and entrepreneurs to address the unique mental health issues common in talented people managing extraordinary business challenges. She is a thought leader and well respected in the mental health field, now offering her expertise to venture capital and private equity firms.